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Welcome to Lottery Sambad website. This website is all about lottery result like Nagaland state lottery result, sikkim state lottery result, West bengal state lottery result and also Arunachal pradesh lottery result. We upload all state lottery result in one place for lottery lovers. So, they can easily download their lottery result according to their need. If you are not a lottery lover then this website is not for you, if you are a lottery lover then this website is fully design for you. You can download all state lottery result in one place.

Lottery result basically uploaded on official website of any state lottery agency, So it can be delay to upload a lottery result in our website. We upload daily lottery result on regular routine from different-different sources. So, if you are downloading a lottery result from here, it would be good to match this result to an official lottery gadget. It is not a such a thing that if we upload a false lottery result then it would be great if you match it with an official gadget once.

If you buy a lottery ticket from anywhere, it is difficult to wait for it result. Because it will take our 5 to 6 hour sometime even more. So, basically people buy lottery ticket from lottery shop but they find a lottery result on web. Because they know it result will uploaded on official website of state lottery. But the story begins from here. When someone search for lottery result many fake result show, they didn't upload real result of lottery. That time people getting frustrated. But they didn't find it's result.

So, here we are basically doing a work for that kind of people. Who wanted to download their lottery result from web. We are uploading daily lottery sambad result on our website. You can download any lottery result like 11am lottery result, 4pm lottery result or 8pm lottery sambad result. You can download lottery sambad result on pure time time. But sometime it will be delay to upload because server problem.
Thank you for giving me your costly time on our lottery sambad website. We are happy to see you if you visit again. Don't waste your time on any false website, just keep a touch with us.

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